Relaxing Time: Tips and Toes Nail Care Salon

Years ago, I’ve heard someone said “One of the thing that can make a girl feel better no matter what, is Manicure”. Now I’d not understand back then, never have done a manicure before. However, now that I have done … it’s actually true 😀

Manicure did give you a good relaxing feeling while we doing it and after we’ve done it, our nails look good as well. It’s like a plus plus … Well for a girl anyway.

My friend found this great nail salon place call Tips and Toes but she was busy and couldn’t join, so today after a stress day yesterday, I have to drop the place, and yes I went there alone.  The shop is pretty nice, it’s locate in Bueng Keng Kong District on St. 278, It’s not very big but comfortable. There’s not many Cambodian going there as according to the staff. Most of the guest are foreigners, I’m actually the only Cambodian among the guest when I was there.

I think the price is reasonable as well, regarding their facilities and products, I spend about USD 8 on the manicure (cut and paint nails) and eyebrows waxing (Yes they have waxing as well, from eyebrows to whole body). The girl who did my nails and the other girl who did the waxing are both very nice.

Will I go Back —> Yes !

The classic basic nails (Yes my nails are short and ugly due to excessive biting) 😦 Love the color anyway
Cutting the edge of my nails and reshape it..! my nails are so mess up …!!

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