Dinner at Kanji Japanese Restaurant

Nothing like a good evening out in a VIP room in an awesome Japanese Restaurant having all the great food you could have, and more … wine and sake. Hmmm my mouth started to watering just by the thought of this, and I actually have this just a few days ago !! and trust me I enjoyed every minute of it, I mean it’s not everyday we doing this.

Kanji is one of the popular Japanese Restaurant in Phnom Penh, located right next to Almond Hotel on Sothearos BLVD. and if you are a fan of Japanese cuisine like me, it’s one of the place to be. As for price could be a bit high for Cambodian standard but not crazy, quiet typical for a Japanese cuisine here.

As the evening began, we started with some really fresh sashimi and sushi for the starter. The sashimi was amazing, though I kind of knew I would enjoy it as for my love for raw seafood so as long as it fresh, I will be very happy.

 Then we would come to the Teppanyaki of the evening, here the thing about Teppanyaki, it not just dinner but it also like a show where the chef will cook your dinner right in front of you. Depend on your oder but mostly we will start with vegetable, then meat or seafood (in my case is meat in which he cook it rare for us base on my preference) and then either rice of noodle( we have the rice). There would also be flame show as well and even the chef will cook the whole dish together, he will divided the portion equally, depend on how many people we have.

It’s a nice experience with good food, and even though this is not my first time having Teppanyaki, it’s definitely my favourite one.

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