Bangkok Trip (11-16 August)

One down thing about living in Phnom Penh, is limited resources. When you need a certain product or a certain brands, it did proved difficult to come by or if you could find it, it could be expensive. Though one good thing is that Bangkok is only 45mn plane ride away.

However given my budget, we decide to take a van instead, leaving Phnom Penh at 11.30pm in the night of 11th. From Phnom Penh to Poipet (at KH-TH border) took us about 6h follow by another 4h from Ah Ranh to Bangkok. Though the car ride itself is not too far as we sleep along the way, but the queue is ridiculous. A long queue on Cambodia side and the another long queue at the Thai side for stamp in, so yes a long wait without breakfast was not the best. I’m not sure if saving about 50$ is worth the time we spend on travelling.

Finally on the way to Bangkok and arrived at around 2.30pm. Thank god for not much of a traffic.

This trip was dedicated to shopping mainly, but we do manage to go for some sighting at Lumipini park, Art in Paradise and the Asiatique riverside.

Eating Time at Chatuchak Weekend Market

However, one of the new thing for me at this trip is ridding a bus. Trust me even with uncountable times in Thailand, this is the first time that I rode a public bus. Found out they were way cheaper than any transportaiton, at one trip I spend a maximum 13B. With smart phone you could easily find the right line of bus to you destination.

Public Bus Ride

FYI, the first we arrived, it was the bombing in Hua Hin, so yeah the security is pretty tight but still lots of people around.

We come back by plane though, thank god as for only 45mn Flight!

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