Without Your Gallbladder “Cholecystectomy”

Last week my father went to Bumrungrad international Hospital in Thailand to have a Cholecystectomy done on himself. If you must know, Cholescystectomy mean to surgically removed of his gallbladder “ប្រម៉ាត់”. This procedure is done to treat several medical problems related to Gallbladders. In my father’s case, several gallstones has been form in this gallbladder and has cause him pains badly for the last couple of months. He has found out about this condition for a year now but was yet going through the procedure until last week. Since his operation I have done researches about this condition.


Gallbladder is an organ located near the liver which store bile (the yellow liquid that produced by liver) for the body to h Celp with the digesting system. Bile help to break down lipids in food as we digested. While this is an important organ of the body, human can of course live without gallbladder.


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Gallstones is a solid material, form inside of gallbladders. While in medical world, you could hear one thing being call something, and then didn’t look anything like you expected, gallstone did look like stones. Gallstones can be difference in sizes. Several causes of gallstones such as: obesity, genetics, diet, and many more (for more info go to: ). Two main treatment of gallstones 1. Laparscopic Cholescystectomy and Open Cholescystectomy to completely remove the gallbladder. There are cases that the patient could not have the surgery and required a medication instead to dissolved the gallstones, however this process could took a much longer time.

Living without the gallbladder

What happen after the removal of gallbladder? people can live without the gallbladder, and there’re very little known side effect (the change in bowel movement, stomach pain and diarrhoea in case of consuming too much fatty food).

No serious side effect is known, people that have a gallbladder removed should adopt some change in their diet such as:

  • Adopt a low-fat diet
  • Avoid eating fatty foods, such as fried foods
  • Eat small, frequent meals
  • Avoid eating a very large dinner after fasting all day

All in all my father is doing fine, you can hardly see any scar on his body and his diet did not change. We also do not see any side effect yet and we will keeping in check with health regularly.

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